POEMS TO RIM ANDREW TATE TO – By Cypress Butane – ‘Squeaky Fromage Dick Cleanse’

Squeaky Fromage Dick Cleanse

By Cypress Butane

sanitizing is the verb
for making something sane
you told yourself
to just stop talking
yeah, cause, every thing you say
is hating
and the reason for economy
that is, the thing
is inhibitions
disillusion is a -way
of say, to hate your revelations
and clarity of conscious
blown out of ways
days at the races
you only wish a follow up
meant to talk the doctor out of leaving
to come home
a rousing dotage
on the night
when your Worst hand in this thing
had no more cheat need
darling, date night.
scoot ever closer, please.
and the expiated god
that you don’t need
can’t come back
on severence pay
no more to say.
such a relief.
spell it right.
speak and say.

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