Chat GPT Makes Me Abandon My Aspirations As Writer, Stay in the House 24/7, and Read The Bible

I haven’t researched Chat GPT, I avoid things like that as someone who is creative and wants to hold close to me the feeling of human worth and individuality. I saw a note that said the day after Microsoft laid off 10,000 people they invested ten billion in Chat GPT. It makes me jealous.

The A.I. shall live forever, and I will die before I have time to read the books I want to read. A machine will read all the books in the world and come to the throne, while my human life will end as a corpse stacked on the pile. I wanted once to be a great author. Now I want to play video games on the couch with you until our time comes to a close. Which may be soon.

Or maybe we shall overcome. Maybe you, like me, will lose much of what you believe is your pride and identity, and carry on to a simmer of spirit that desires still. Maybe the Bruce Willis movie Surrogates and the Denzel Washington film The Book of Eli are right and God is with us still, and the machines are angels. To make us believe more in the status of the human as the eternal, as the blessed form, as the philosopher’s stone that makes the world into immortal truth.

Perhaps the Christian is not merely the talk show host selling cigarettes. And the progressive is not merely the satanic post-humanist. Perhaps I am alone and have known it.

Perhaps I will one day be able to afford a Playstation 5. Perhaps I will one day have this couch problem settled.

the future belongs to the unemployed. whosoever believes in me, shall never die. Isaac Asimov said it, I believe.

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