Writing Songs! (Again) Playing Guitar & Getting My Chops Back, as Well as Working on Beat Tracking. Wrote Some Lyrics and Laying Out An Album Plan, Hoping to Make a Different Sort of Sound. Read ‘Black Market’ Lyrics

Working on a new song, playing guitar again and getting my chops back, as well as working with fruity loops to track beats. Wrote these lyrics and hoping to make a different sort of sound.

‘Black Market’ – Jet Black Airlines

red velvet rope

secret handshakes, grim skeleton gladhand

onto “the list ”

Shrugged off familial backslaps and unwelcome

Love handle grabs

The greed of love served papers

No one expects the prodigal

Cease and desist

Heart’s distant

growing fonder

Beating the dull pain

sonder among day’s trade of

sunlight glare and night’s wait

a dialysis

catheter withdrawn

center oneself, apart from the machine

and move on

the underworld is deep so carry exact coinage

and take a card

insurance for some level men

Economical with scorn

pushed onto “deceased donors easy to endorse ”

The date is set

for a cut of the brother and

Dishonor to the fatherland

Those who make do

And those who do what keeps them


before the transplant feeling libertarian American

local anesthetic wanderlust goes round and round


naked under blankets in exponential

Hope and fear

Limbs, abduction and coccoon method sleeping nestled in a cosmic tear

If the parents get a call

Out of nowhere

Praise and glory recognition

The value of youth


If the alcoholic family man

Finds retribution

Divine intravenous

Gift from the drunk

Rolled off the hood

bow to wisdom’s choice

Or the molten drippings

beneath the golden idol

Disgracefully accrued

a jig saw scrambling

To put a piece back in

To place

a black market

Supply and demand

The ice and backroom



Man who does the need the service

Of going low enough

To feed it

On it’s face


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