Love It Or Hate It – Sweet Conservative White College Girls Out Walking It, Selling They Cookies On Campus (Price Listings Available Based On Race)

More and more conservatives are against higher education and promoting trade schools, while more minorities are getting college degrees than ever before. At this point the ‘affirimative action’ discussion as government policy, and at the SCOTUS level is more the right wing want to take control of higher education. Follow the Trend of the DeSantis motions and the Huckabee speeches and it moves power away from the administrators of institutions, the students and teachers and their joint interests, and communities and citizens generally… to inevitably place it in the hands of centralized government and elite unquestionable forces. They want to move towards dictatorship over who is allowed to go where in every level of society.

I may be censorsed or sued for slander but I assume these students are there on some kind of charitable ideologically-founded baking scholarship. They are addressing affirmative action policies OF SCHOOLS other than the one THEY ARE AT. They are there to anger the conscientious and embolden the racist. If not willfully, functionally

There’s a SCOTUS case on college admissions pending and this is to prop up their white supremacist reinterpretation that threatens the reactionary devolution to more authoritarian policies that outlaw any systemic efforts to make America a place for all races and people. This comes alongside DeSantis and other right wing governors efforts to enact forceful censorship of non-white non-cis-male voices through wedding state power to a far right authoritarian agenda. They’re trying.

So some white supremacist cryptofascist minions who may think s is all shake and bake and they’re helping… come set up their side show

Definitely showing that any effort to improve diversity has costs to those who are given benefits to overcome historical disadvantages… it’s right there with their big sign that says ‘we don’t like the cost of having you around’ that’s the message right? like wtf is this trying to say, actually? am I burdening you with my trying to get an education that you need to put a big placard out in your free time while I’m trying to study that I am burdening your educational opportunities? WTF

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