A Witch Made Charlie Kirk Sick, Says Charlie Kirk

this will be interesting to see this guy try to bring back the inquisition when we have A.I. simultaneously living up to the ‘any sufficiently advanced technology will be indistinguishable from magick’ dictum. As a cyberpunk dude this is my kind of cognitive dissonance. If he wants to push witchcraft as giving you powers aka as empowering, why would people not choose witchcraft over the need for an organized religion where only a priest has the power to do one specific thing – to exorcise an individual of that personal power? God is Nowhere. God is Now Here. when I read about Christianity, I read about Luther. He didn’t believe in mediation between God and the human mind. As in transcendentalism, an American birthed philosophy of divinity, the human individual connects to their own vision of God. One has the power of the mind God made and gave them. To use and potentially to abuse, ahem, Charlie.

But witches making people sick?! –

this explains why my farmville crops are failing

How to take this other than trying to ramp up to burning witches? This is dangerous because he doesn’t consider this cause backlash and will lead to a feminist authoritarian dictatorship of 12 feet tall Lady Dimitrescu types who lord over us with their giant mommy milkers and crush us under their high heels with erotic trampling. So… you know… be careful what you dream of in your fantasies, Charlie.

witches get shit done

a social gathering cult that connects you to others and the earth? based on divinity and spirituality and love? sounds like exactly what is needed to combat alienation and overly reductionist scientism and false religiosity. Blessing be!

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