Ron DeSantis is A National Socialist- Against Free Market Capitalism And The U.S. Constitution #Woke

Is this your king? #RonDesantis #Disney #Woke #CultureWar #Authoritarian #ItsATrap #DeSantis #NationalSocialism #Nazis #GOP #Conservatives #ConstitutionalConservative I’m not defending Disney I’m defending free speech and the constitution.. you are basically arguing it’s okay for strong arm government to seize control of private businesses and control media through force.. because I don’t like the person they are doing it to… it’s a lack of principle and it WILL bite you in the ass… like Trump always says about any case brought against him ‘they are coming after me because they want to come after you’… well, nevermind the crimes he publicly committed and his penchant for being an offensive brute who doesn’t support American principles… DeSantis is literally targeting the richest biggest corporation and people cheering him are saying ‘I support you doing this to me and my business because I bow to your unconstitutional authoritarianism out of my culture war training’ The song is ‘California Uber Alles’ by Dead Kennedy’s I do not own the rights to this song it is used in a spirit of fair use, all rights remain with the artist and distributors.

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