SCOTUS Weighs Student Loan Debt Vs How Much People Dislike Court For Their Elitist Authoritarianism

Tough call for the high priests of American theocracy on this one! Can these judges’ backing billionaires ‘convince’ these deciders it’s worth it to turn the working class firmly against the right wing ‘agenda’ so blatantly? Of course this critique bypasses the idea that the court weighs their judgement based on interpretation of the constitution, which is mostly apocryphal regarding the SCOTUS’ job at this point. What does the ‘originalist’ in my head say the founding fathers FEEL about this thing I personally decide by ‘objective’ magic disregarding hermeneutical principles! If it is not written out explicitly in the constitution I get to make up stuff! – Cypress Butane Song is Rihanna – Bitch Better Have My Money Used in spirit of fair use all rights remain with artist and distributors.

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