Michael Knowles Releases His Philosophy of Anti-Transgenderism. Using Reductionism to Argue that We are Bodies only with No Spirit to Arrive at the argument that our Bodies Define our Spirits. It’s Nonsense.

I am familiar with Aquinas, Hylomorphism, Nominalism, and all your argumentations foundational claims. You use reductionism to basically argue that we are bodies only with no spirit to arrive at the argument that our bodies define our spirits. It’s a quaint argument aimed at people with no familiarity with these arguments to allow you to sound smart and claim the authority of God for yourself. So are most authoritarian attempts at philosophy which use the history of philosophy to erase the entire tradition of thought in order to arrive at your personal desired political conclusion. If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him.

How To Eradicate Transgenderism From Public Life by Michael Knowles

“American law only recently began to adopt the mistaken metaphysics of the transgender ideology.”

If politicians start talking metaphysics at you, it’s time to go.

For reference for someone who has more interest in destroying this guy, read the book ‘Exact Thinking in Demented Times: The Vienna Circle and the Epic Quest for the Foundations of Science’

A similar history cycle occured previously under the last attempt to foist a 1000 year Reich on the world to finalize the project of the Enlightenment to make earth perfect. Knowles foundations are his undoing because his goals are his own fears.

As it is with most.

Faith, friends. That’s all we have.

If you believe in your truth, you have less need to destroy the truths of others. All these apocalyptic motions show lack of faith in your own view. If you believe in an afterlife, Michael Knowles, why so desirous to make this world your heaven?

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