The Tennessee GOP Has Altered the Whole Deal of American Democratic Representation. Pray They Don’t Alter it Further.

J 6th was allegedly led to fight against some stealing of democracy from voters… that’s exactly what the GOP just did in Tennessee by expelling people’s reps without legitimacy. Only this is real and not a Trump lie. The protest for sensible gun laws was not an insurrection, but insurrection sometimes is deserved. History isn’t over. Defend against fascism. This is why we have the second amendment to defend against what the GOP just did. The GOP is moving to expel the #TennesseeThree for having a different opinion and for forcefully protesting peacefully to demand that children stop being killed by lack of reasonable gun control. The GOP is claiming they are doing so because the three broke the rules – while using the rules to break democracy. This is a watershed moment of whether the GOP is allowed to turn the letter of the law against the spirit of the law so forcefully that it allows them to take control of representation outside the power of voting. #2ndamendment #freespeech #protest #constitution #fascism #GOP #Tennessee #guncontrol

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