Michael Knowles Says Someone He Doesn’t Believe Exists Has Dropped Out of a Debate With Him… Nominalism X-Files! He Claims Trans People Aren’t a ‘Valid Category of Being’ but Also Wants to Debate These People He Says Doesn’t Exist. (If Someone Asks If You’re a God, You Say Yes)

There is no Michael Knowles, There is only Zool.

It’s called nominalism, Knowles. You claims trans people aren’t a ‘valid catergory of being’ yet trans women are alive and I find them sexually attractive. Individuality is a thing.

how can someone you believe doesn’t exist drop out of a debate with you? seem contradictory. maybe you imagined the whole thing.

how does on eradicate transgender ideology from public life entirely while respecting trans individuals… how can you seperate your desired goals for society from a desire to kill all trans people and those who love them? honest question

Prove to Me Michael Knowles is a Man. Featherless Biped Style. – Addressing The Daily Wire Hosts Discussions of Transgenderism
Knowles wants to uphold a strict binary while denying the characteristics of binary shades of human expression. He is attempting to construct a logical impossible standard of conformity that has no applicable ideal in reality. He is a Platonist asking Socrates to die for his authority.
Transgenderism philosophically is linked to Gnosticism, there is a long history of the arguments that fall within the religious tradition. If you believe in hylomorphism linked to human individuality directly linked to God and purpose then you must explain why humans experience such disease and bodily strife so often. Aquinas is the most notorious proponent of hylomorphism but he was a scholastic rewriting the Bible in the context of advances of reason, at the time he was viewed as heretical by many. To claim ‘it is the way it should be’ applying your authority to the human condition is its own argument against God, via another route. Transgenderism is not necessarily a rejection of God, as Knowles claims it to be. He says ‘body and soul’ but neglects Descartes, and all other major philosophers and individual paths that allow a person to change their mind. A good movie comment on this and Knowles linking his religious views to right wing authoritarianism would be Master and Commander. I think Knowles should cite Aquinas if he had something to say that is a valid attack on transgenderism if he wants to make this his foundation.

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