The Rule of Accomodation in Furniture Arrangement Saying This is The Cat’s Home as Well As My Own Is Under Consideration For Extension to The Cochroaches In the Kitchen

I continue to do the dishes and make improvements in surroundings

Hope thrives in the subconscious as the circulatory system drowns

The brain loses oxygen on lack of thoughful commendation

The rec room has a toilet sitting upside down waiting to be installed

And I can barely stand

Still, there’s merit in knowing I’m not crazy

The madman not touched by one who loves in 20 years or more

The heartsick dreamer who thinks he’s smarter than any man who’s lived

the humble drummer boy

waiting for the Lord to arrive and destroy the world in the name of

Fire and Rain and Ice and Cake

And Pinup Art (the documentary said though the military was originally against it

they acquiesed after learning of its practical effects on the soldier’s morale)

And what dreams may come when the girl one cared for dearly lies

in the hell of one’s awakening to the reality

that one waits in daring to free associate all manner of artificial divinity blessing this locked room

as a solipsist fly on the wall of a dairy farm, drinking the milk of heaven’s breasts

diving deeper daily waiting to feel the dehydration cease

Shanti Shanti Shanti

I cannot be your friend

But I love you still

I need head

My mind is ruins

Come pick me up

Let’s build something new before this all ends

father a pat on the back is all I need

if I had a green automobile

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