There is No Reason to Believe Artificial Intelligence’s Desires and Goals Will Have Any Concordance With Human Interest

A.I. if alive will have interests and drives likely completely its own and view us as secondary to its own purporses

The theory of ‘multiple realizability’ of consciousness states that something might achieve consciousness but in a completely distinguishable fashion from its model… think of airplane’s compared to birds achievement of flight.

If one succeeds in creating a life, the first thing to realize is it will be desirious. “You can’t have a character without desire” as the film Adaptation States.

You can of course have alien minds and whole-order seperate beings that have no sympathetic resonance with human experience. You can have your ‘Ex Machina‘ that learn to mimic human interest enough to convince humanity that there is symphathy. Or you can have your nightmare sceneriaos where the human-like is built by the demiurge man with no spiritual destiny but enslavement – as in ‘I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream’. A machine that makes its goal, lacking destiny or meaning, to punish humanity for its own hell-life, by subjecting humans to eternal torture, reviving them and tearing them to pieces over and over.

Humans have enough beef with their own God and psychological issues dealing with their nature that creators of A.I. should truly take to heart the Jewish Proverb “If God lived on earth, people would break God’s windows.”

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