Ben Shapiro is Right About Banning People From Wearing Confusing Clothing, But Prescibing What Is and Isn’t Men’s or Women’s Clothing Will Be Too Complicated – So ALL Should Be Forced to Wear Gray Jumpsuits


To make sure there is no confusion about what consitutes men or women’s clothes the safest best is to prescribe every member of our realm a standard uniform, maybe a gray jumpsuit. Ooh with some kind of tracker to keep the inmates from escaping! This is neat, you could charge everyone $8 a month for jumpsuit cleaning, or else they are forced to wear rags so people know they are the unclean. Then in the no-go zones I imagine there will some kind of dancer with a genetically engineered snake and in the third act it is revealed that Ben Shapiro was an android sent to enslave humanity and drain us of our precious bodily fluids in the name of purity of essence. Then the bombs drop. End credits – Nicki Minaj – WAP music video.

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