Please Explain Marriane Williamson to Me aS A Punk Who Jokes About Dirty Hippies Despite Having My Roots In the 60s Counterculture and Beat Generation

“When one fights with monsters, one must take care one does not become a monster. And if one gazes into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you” – Nietzsche


It will be very interesting to me if the DNC tries to cut off debate and Marriane Williamson, who seems to me to be a flake using some kind of appeal to feelings to cover for underlying troublesome and contradictory positions becomes some kind of champion of young leftists. Obviously I prefer an earnest person who is centrist and milquetoast but supports worker’s rights when people power is the influential force that needs to make change… over the neoliberal corporatist posing as some kind of faith healer that will do miracles. The left is not immune from messianist populism, is my point. Especially in this political moment.

I don’t know much about it, other than rumors she has troubling positions on things like medical issues in her past. In her talks people around her talk about defending pipeline protests and water protectors, but how does that translate into policy as someone who wants to be the commander in chief and wants to hold the position in charge of national security?

Is she trying to make us all equally bonded anarchists in some communal experiment attempting to end history? Or is she using New Age bull and therapy-talk to try to pull some shit over on me?

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