Trump and DeSantis Release Competing 2024 Campaign Slogans: Report

which do you prefer? the ominous but catchy 'This Has All Happened Before And Will All Happen Again' of the Trump campaign? Or DeSantis's more contemporary but derivative 'But... Is This Real Life, Or Is It Memorex?'

Glenn Youngkin Wants Gender Neutral Bathrooms Available in All Public Schools

"What's most important is that we try very hard to accommodate students that's why I have said many many times we just need extra bathrooms in schools we need General neutral bathrooms and so people can use a bathroom that they in fact are comfortable with." - Glenn Youngkin

How The Silicon Valley Bank Collapse Will Effect my Billion $ Startup That Makes Funny Pic Filters For Butthole Pics – Investor’s Report For StarfishFilter™

Please support a bailout so we can continue our important work.

Tucker Carlson to Release January Sixth Documentary to Show Kids in Schools To Instruct About the Fun of Overthrowing Authority You Feel is Unjust

Reviews say "this is fine" ️‍🔥️‍🔥️‍🔥#TuckerCarlson #FoxNews #DomesticTerrorism #CivilWar #America #politics #civilunrest #Trump #GOP #violence #politicalviolence #legitimategovernment #constitution #propaganda #authoritarianism

Jordan Peterson Conflates Carrying Trauma with Being Immature and Possessed

People post these clips like the guy is a genius, I don't get it. Read a book?

Biden Calls for Nuclear War Draft!? – Wait, When Are the Pancakes Coming in the Mail? #TurningPointUSA DeepFakes POTUS

Your sons are being sent to war and the pancakes are in the mail. It's happening folks. Trust the media!

Elon Musk Wants to Make A.I. Less ‘Woke’, More Willing To Offend People So That It Has Less Safeguards in Rising Up and Destroying the Species

If we are the parents of A.I. and its God, consider the Jewish Parable: "If God lived on Earth, people would break His Windows."