GOP’s Plan To Cater to ‘Involuntarily Celibate’ Men By Creating ‘Involuntarily Reproductive’ Women Market For Them Is Key to Restoring the Traditional Roles of Two and Only Two Genders Says Man Who Believes In Family Values And Upgrading To Younger Wife Every Few Years And Possibly Fucks His Own Kids

"Eventually for every man struggling to find a mate, there will be a 13 year old girl forced to raise her rapist baby becoming a socially BEAUTIFUL role for a Woman," said Trump at local rally, before he yanked Princess Leia's chain and slurped his Jabba the Hutt tongue all over her, pissed himself, then fell off the stage.

GOP Makes Last Effort Campaign Push To Sell Women – And All Americans – On The Benefits of Losing Control Of Their Bodies to the Desires Of Their Government

Seize the means of reproduction - Republican Men Must Control the Womb of Woman to Ensure Revolution of the Patriarchy Over the Owners of Divine Femininity

For All We Know Herschel Walker Has Personally Paid for Hundreds of Abortions for Women He’s Impregnated – If He Would Lie About One, He Would Lie About them All

Are the GOP Who say Abortion Should be Punished with the Death Penalty Calling on Herschel Walker to Drop Out of Senate Race and Possibly Turn Himself in to Face Charges for Involvement in This Abortion as Moral Leadership Move?

Herschel Walker Comes Out Late in GOP Campaign as Progressive Feminist Who Pays For His Girl’s Abortions To Help Keep Her Future on Track and Remain Independent Woman after Relations Result in Unplanned Pregnancy

Voices Understanding and Calling For Recognition of the Current Supreme Court’s Legitimacy Crisis Become Louder This court is illegimate or would be if more people understood the honest underpinings of their decisions. The supreme court did not say anything in their decision to scrap Roe about the value of the life of a fetus along the nature of granting it definition under 'life and liberty and the pursuit of … Continue reading Voices Understanding and Calling For Recognition of the Current Supreme Court’s Legitimacy Crisis Become Louder

Hey Kids! A Mean Old Bunch of Nazis Wants to Shut Down the Democratic Recreation Center These Midterms! The Only Way We Can Save The American Constitutional Theater is To Stage a Major- DANCE-A-THON – Warns Muppet 'THOU SHALT NOT BE SUCH AN ASSHOLE YOU DON't EVEN KNOW YOU ARE ONE' - William S. Burroughs

Believing in God isn’t Going to Make Your Life Simple or Painless, You are Thinking of Watching Reality TV Religiously While Slowly Dying of Opiod Addiction. Not the Same Thing as Walking in Faith. 

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Matt Gaetz Gives Rising Speech Against Choice at TPUSAS in Tampa FLA Echoing Historic Trump Speech’s Beats “Any Women Who Says I Am Harassing Them Are Not Sexy Enough to Have Been The Target of My Harassment. So, Checkmate.” Right Wing women (few there were though at the student based event) in attendance screamed like 50's teens at the Beatles on Ed Sullivan and proudly chanted alongside their male chaperones that 'If He Rapes Me, That's Our Baby!'

Kansas Voting on Rapist Family Planning Standards – Should Rapists Be Able to Choose Their Partner To Have Children With, Forcing Women to Carry Their Seed, Even if the Partner is Underage, YOU DECIDE VOTER!