Rampaging School Shooter in Florida Apologizes for Faux Paus After Realizing Kids He Was Slaughtering Were in Middle of DeSantis-Decreed Mandatory ‘Why Gun Regulation Makes Us Less Safe’ Indoctrination Assembly

"Oh, this is so embarrassing," said the gun man after he looked around briefly while reloading. "Wow... I mean... Jeez." He backed out and made apologetic gestures with his tactical-gloved hands "Geez, sorry.." backing out, "Soooorry. Oof. Wow."

2nd Amendment Advocates Introduce ‘Abortion-Gun’ For A Woman’s Right to Carry A Gun In Her Womb And Take Down Any Invaders Crossing the Border from the Ether/Netherworld Onto Her Sovereign Private Womb-Land Property

You can take my gun if you pry it out of my lady parts, you fetal-illegal-alien lov'rs!