CNN Town Hall Hosts Hitler Following Failed Beer Hall Putsch To Promote His Vision For a United Germany

Kevin McCarthy and James Dean On a Chikki Run

Refusons le dialogue avec nos matraqueurs.Soyez réalistes, demandez l'impossible. XOXO #KevinMcCarthy #Situationism #Slogansof68 #StudentRevoltof1968 #Surrealism #Poetry #Art #Revolution #TheREvolutionofEverydayLife #Economics #Republicans #GOP #DebtCeiling #USPoltiics #EconomicCollapse #StockMarket #RightWingPolitics #PowerPolitics #Fascism #Bullshit #Etc

Scotus Drops New Music Video Where The Right Wing Justices Rap That ‘all These B*tches Bodies Are My Prop-er-ty, They Can’t Touch Us No Applicable Rules About Pro-prie-ty’ – Amy Barrett Twerks On Lambo While Gop Donor Makes It Rain, Thomas And Kavanaugh Pop Bottles And Grab Their Crotches… Seems A Bit Unprofessional, In My Judgement.

There is No Reason to Believe Artificial Intelligence’s Desires and Goals Will Have Any Concordance With Human Interest A.I. if alive will have interests and drives likely completely its own and view us as secondary to its own purporses The theory of 'multiple realizability' of consciousness states that something might achieve consciousness but in a completely distinguishable fashion from its model... think of airplane's compared to birds achievement of flight. If one … Continue reading There is No Reason to Believe Artificial Intelligence’s Desires and Goals Will Have Any Concordance With Human Interest

Musk is a really sh*tty bond villain trying to control all media globally and effing NPR is foiling his plan by not being on his platform. What if we threw a global propaganda network and charged $8 a month to be subjected to it and nobody came?

Tomorrow Never Dies, Y'all

Is Someone Paying To Create the Content You Consume For Their Own Purposes?


'This Bill Would Allow Me As a District Attorney to Arrest Beyoncé'

Marjorie Taylor Green is My Current Favorite Radical Anarchist Political Theorist #SafeSpace

One must agree at some level with her ideology... every person in a collective known has a nation has a right to their beliefs against the collective to the point of the right to separate from that collective if it threatens their beliefs hence her 'national divorce'. As well every soul has the right to autonomy and freedom from fear to pursue their soul's desires aka a 'safe space'. This is radical anarchist theory from #MarjorieTaylorGreen and I am for it. Of course she is a belligerent #fascist who just recycles words and phrases, but in this instance her A.I. algorithm has hit on a profound truth. #Nationalism is antithetical to individual freedom.

A Witch Made Charlie Kirk Sick, Says Charlie Kirk this will be interesting to see this guy try to bring back the inquisition when we have A.I. simultaneously living up to the 'any sufficiently advanced technology will be indistinguishable from magick' dictum. As a cyberpunk dude this is my kind of cognitive dissonance. If he wants to push witchcraft as giving you powers … Continue reading A Witch Made Charlie Kirk Sick, Says Charlie Kirk

The Midterms Results Have Two Resounding Messages: ‘Good Night and Good Luck’ and ‘At Long Last Senator, Have You No Sense of Decency?’

Anyone who is not 100% on board with the party line is labeled THE ENEMY. It's not about ruling a society fairly, it's about creating an elitist yes-man politburo that serves the interests of those the inquisition props up as the high priest tribunal. This is where Trumpism has fallen today.