Trump Calls For Termination of U.S. Constitution, Start of Dictatorship ‘TrumpLand West’ Where All Private Property Owned by Trump Businesses, Luxuriously Rented To Trumpland West Guests On Provisional Basis (No 2A Allowed, No Free Cable)

"Fuck Ameira, Fuck Your Rights, and Fuck You", the former President declared in a short presser before a violent mob of his supporters murdered all the press present that were not on his payroll. Official channels say it was a delightful affair and they believe Trumpland West will be the happiest place to live in freedom and hugeness!

Concentration-camp historian Andrea Pitzer says two key elements are Keeping Trump From Destroying American Democracy Yet

"I think it's not impossible for the army & courts to surrender eventually, but he's not there yet. And neither is any other Trump rival. I offer this not to reassure but instead to say there's still room to work. More than 50% of surveyed voters view him somewhat/very unfavorably."