With Trump At Back Twitter, As Biggest Free Speech Platform That Allows Domestic Terrorism Planning Coordination, Musk Has Created the Best Place to Openly Plot Trump’s Assassination, Say Experts

Elon Musk is bringing Trump back to twitter - which means that all users, from sitting President's to the lowest lone wolf, now have carte blanche to plot domestic terrorism and threaten societal violence on the platform, say security experts. Twitter is the New Deadpool, Libertarian - Billionaire - Funded Crowd Sourced and Open for Business. All bets are off. Police are helpless and government influence is put squarely against the whims of an anti-social billionaire. This is Lex Luthor territory, fam. Let's bring Trump down. Let's remake the world. Cyberpunks, Ruff Ryders, MOUNT UP! (for legal purposes this post is satire to point out how shortsighted and literally retarded Elon Musk is, for entertainment purposes only. But for real real, it's on like Bad Dong. Death to All Billionaires! Free speech / No Gods / No Masters / Fuck You Elon - Get Your Ass to Mars! )