Ron DeSantis Cuts off ALL Access to Public Library Digital Platforms for Florida Schools so New Generation Less Likely to Be Able to Read ‘Slaughterhouse’ Label on Doors they Are Forced Through by Smiling Sheep-Masked Ronny Boy Conservative policy along the lines of Jordan Peterson's take on good men not being harmless is being updated that all 'good men' are in fact ignorant, powerless, and dull. What big eyes you have, right wing.

How Likely Is The Supreme Court’s Decree That People Will be Denied Choice Based on Poorly Agued B.S. Will Be OVERTURNED by More Fundamental Reality of Human Right to Simply Continue to Choose Whether to Accede to the Court’s Supposed Authority?

Also, why are handmaid's tale cosplayers not being joined by any Lt. Ellen Ripley cosplayers angry that the company wants to protect the 'perfect life' of the xenomorph over the safety of the crew, which Weyland-Yutani has deemed 'expendable'?