Let me tell you about a sort of hero of mine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9h3ikhebwGk See, a while ago, I was hired to do some consulting work on a new amusement park. I was pretty established in my law firm and they needed someone to do a kind of risk assessment. It was a pretty new kind of … Continue reading A GOOD MAN IS EASY TO KILL

With Growing Prospect of Trump’s Civil War Theme Park Opening Day Approaching, Nation of Ian Malcolms Respond to Every Act He and GOP Sycophants Make With “You Were So Worried About Whether You Could, You Never Stopped To Think About Whether You Should.”

"SPARED NO EXPENSE" Although it is totally hopeless trying to teach Trump or these absolute braindead anything, it is funny to watch. And for the rest of us with some hope for the future, be well, hold the line, and stay safe out there. There's Zombies about.