Elon Musk Pays 44 Billion Dollars for Very Public A Display of His Fragile Male Ego. “Be Gentle, My Enormous Hypocrisy Cost me 44 Billion Dollars. Try Not To Break It On The First Day.”


GOP’s Plan To Cater to ‘Involuntarily Celibate’ Men By Creating ‘Involuntarily Reproductive’ Women Market For Them Is Key to Restoring the Traditional Roles of Two and Only Two Genders Says Man Who Believes In Family Values And Upgrading To Younger Wife Every Few Years And Possibly Fucks His Own Kids

"Eventually for every man struggling to find a mate, there will be a 13 year old girl forced to raise her rapist baby becoming a socially BEAUTIFUL role for a Woman," said Trump at local rally, before he yanked Princess Leia's chain and slurped his Jabba the Hutt tongue all over her, pissed himself, then fell off the stage.

GOP Makes Last Effort Campaign Push To Sell Women – And All Americans – On The Benefits of Losing Control Of Their Bodies to the Desires Of Their Government

Seize the means of reproduction - Republican Men Must Control the Womb of Woman to Ensure Revolution of the Patriarchy Over the Owners of Divine Femininity

Am I Not Understanding the Joke? Gavin McInnes Wears Suspenders and The Facial Hair of a Bavarian Cheesemaker from the 1800s and Makes Videos About the Crisis of Masculinity. That’s the Joke, Right? Is That… It?

So like at some point does he beat himself up for being a f*g and then say - see you are not masculine enough by the traditional definitions I aim to foist on society - or is this more like a mime of someone wrestling with internal demons in the harsh technological spotlight of TOO … Continue reading Am I Not Understanding the Joke? Gavin McInnes Wears Suspenders and The Facial Hair of a Bavarian Cheesemaker from the 1800s and Makes Videos About the Crisis of Masculinity. That’s the Joke, Right? Is That… It?

Analysts Look at How GOP Can Transition From WOKE Talking Points Heading Into Election to Real Policies to Suppress the Voices of Non-White-Male & Wealthy Back To Levels of 20-50 Years Ago, With Help Of Community Outreach

Hours after that preliminary meeting, riot police and officers mounted on horseback deployed to Penn State campus to counter the angry crush of hundreds of student protesters outside the Thomas Building, where the event was being held. Uniformed Proud Boys showed up. A group of far-right agitators in all black sprayed students and media with pepper spray.  And eventually, before Stein and McInnes’ event—titled “Stand Back & Stand By” in a nod to former President Donald Trump’s infamous aside addressing the Proud Boys in a 2020 presidential debate—had even taken place, the university, citing “escalating violence” canceled it entirely.

Jordan Peterson Discusses Personal Fetishes

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ZH7yfGP2Is&t=1s What is your definition of fetish? I know that psychology has extensive texts on this terms, and that it is not a casual word in psychology. Could one consider it a fetish for instance to want people to perceive one as a mass media intellectual while seeking to disseminate one's ideas of controlling the … Continue reading Jordan Peterson Discusses Personal Fetishes

Matt Gaetz Gives Rising Speech Against Choice at TPUSAS in Tampa FLA Echoing Historic Trump Speech’s Beats “Any Women Who Says I Am Harassing Them Are Not Sexy Enough to Have Been The Target of My Harassment. So, Checkmate.”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFO15cI-hls Right Wing women (few there were though at the student based event) in attendance screamed like 50's teens at the Beatles on Ed Sullivan and proudly chanted alongside their male chaperones that 'If He Rapes Me, That's Our Baby!'

Rejoicing on Social Media! Amber Heard Verdict Clear Message that Women Claiming Abuse Should Fear Implications of Speaking Publicly Against Men Who Harm Them Privately

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3U795nyAj0 Experts however feel publicly exposing and rejecting abusive men with the sharpness and clarity of a knife grazing the testicular sack in intimate close measures will continue to be the best praxis and approach to these issues for the foreseeable future, evermore.

Ron DeSantis Champions Rights of Rapists and Pedophiles to Have Kids – Youtube Video News Flash to Ameritronica


Right Wing Man At Swim Meet Agreeing With Woman that Trans People Should be Shunned Glad to Have Found Wedge that Lets Him Attract Women While Hating both Trans People and Women

"Oh yeah, men are men, women are woman," Jeffrey said, assuming the woman understood that meant that she should accept his mistreatment in any future relationship that might come from this wonderful conversation. Naturally. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWcASV2sey0