Trump Calls For Termination of U.S. Constitution, Start of Dictatorship ‘TrumpLand West’ Where All Private Property Owned by Trump Businesses, Luxuriously Rented To Trumpland West Guests On Provisional Basis (No 2A Allowed, No Free Cable)

"Fuck Ameira, Fuck Your Rights, and Fuck You", the former President declared in a short presser before a violent mob of his supporters murdered all the press present that were not on his payroll. Official channels say it was a delightful affair and they believe Trumpland West will be the happiest place to live in freedom and hugeness!

BLESSED NEWS PATRIOTS! Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Prepared To Endorse The New Twitter As The Only Social Network Where Prayers Shared By Christians Permit God To Hear And Answer! This Is Huge! #MAGA 🙏

Christian Nationalists should ONLY Use the New Twitter and All Other Social Media Platforms Usage Are As Good As Consigning Your Soul To Eternal Damnation in HELL!

Investors Are Clambering At News Pete Davidson Might Create a Competing Social Network to Take Advantage of Musk’s Bullshit. Here’s How You Can Make ‘CHADDER’ A Reality.

Never a Bad Time For A Little White Boy Magic.

With Trump At Back Twitter, As Biggest Free Speech Platform That Allows Domestic Terrorism Planning Coordination, Musk Has Created the Best Place to Openly Plot Trump’s Assassination, Say Experts

Elon Musk is bringing Trump back to twitter - which means that all users, from sitting President's to the lowest lone wolf, now have carte blanche to plot domestic terrorism and threaten societal violence on the platform, say security experts. Twitter is the New Deadpool, Libertarian - Billionaire - Funded Crowd Sourced and Open for Business. All bets are off. Police are helpless and government influence is put squarely against the whims of an anti-social billionaire. This is Lex Luthor territory, fam. Let's bring Trump down. Let's remake the world. Cyberpunks, Ruff Ryders, MOUNT UP! (for legal purposes this post is satire to point out how shortsighted and literally retarded Elon Musk is, for entertainment purposes only. But for real real, it's on like Bad Dong. Death to All Billionaires! Free speech / No Gods / No Masters / Fuck You Elon - Get Your Ass to Mars! )

GOP’s Plan To Cater to ‘Involuntarily Celibate’ Men By Creating ‘Involuntarily Reproductive’ Women Market For Them Is Key to Restoring the Traditional Roles of Two and Only Two Genders Says Man Who Believes In Family Values And Upgrading To Younger Wife Every Few Years And Possibly Fucks His Own Kids

"Eventually for every man struggling to find a mate, there will be a 13 year old girl forced to raise her rapist baby becoming a socially BEAUTIFUL role for a Woman," said Trump at local rally, before he yanked Princess Leia's chain and slurped his Jabba the Hutt tongue all over her, pissed himself, then fell off the stage.

GOP Releases List of Books They Will Ban Nationwide if they Win 2022 Midterms – Topping the List? Harry Potter – They like the Author’s Trans-Hate But ‘Thou Shall Not Suffer a Witch To Be In Print’ Says Guidelines for New Morality Police

If you own these books, either start digging a hole in your yard to hide them in, or get ready to chuck 'em in the big bonfire after November's midterms says the GOP morality police! Check with you local secret police to see if you might get in trouble, if you're not afraid to discuss … Continue reading GOP Releases List of Books They Will Ban Nationwide if they Win 2022 Midterms – Topping the List? Harry Potter – They like the Author’s Trans-Hate But ‘Thou Shall Not Suffer a Witch To Be In Print’ Says Guidelines for New Morality Police

Heading Into Midterms The Key Questions Remain: How Many Americans Know Enough History to See the GOP One Party Take Over of America Coming? ARE There Too Many Stupid Americans So We Have to Relive Some of Nazi Germany And Get Through It So People Realize Unaccountable Authoritarianism Is BAD. AND Will We Pull Out Or Will the Darkness Stay Forever and the Species Die?

Civilization is A Precarious Venture At Best, And Balance Is Its Foundation. If the Base Cedes The Floor to The Top of The Pyramid, RUN. The World Is About to Bowl Over. Save You and Yours and Preserve as Much of Civilization Within Your Boots as You Can.

Analysts Look at How GOP Can Transition From WOKE Talking Points Heading Into Election to Real Policies to Suppress the Voices of Non-White-Male & Wealthy Back To Levels of 20-50 Years Ago, With Help Of Community Outreach

Hours after that preliminary meeting, riot police and officers mounted on horseback deployed to Penn State campus to counter the angry crush of hundreds of student protesters outside the Thomas Building, where the event was being held. Uniformed Proud Boys showed up. A group of far-right agitators in all black sprayed students and media with pepper spray.  And eventually, before Stein and McInnes’ event—titled “Stand Back & Stand By” in a nod to former President Donald Trump’s infamous aside addressing the Proud Boys in a 2020 presidential debate—had even taken place, the university, citing “escalating violence” canceled it entirely.

Hey Kids! A Mean Old Bunch of Nazis Wants to Shut Down the Democratic Recreation Center These Midterms! The Only Way We Can Save The American Constitutional Theater is To Stage a Major- DANCE-A-THON – Warns Muppet 'THOU SHALT NOT BE SUCH AN ASSHOLE YOU DON't EVEN KNOW YOU ARE ONE' - William S. Burroughs