R.I.P, bell hooks – Remembering this Discussion with her and Samuel R. Delaney and Others about Transgressive Sexuality that Taught Me Fascists Aren’t Against ‘Deviance’… They are Against Deviance they Don’t Personally Control And Constrain the Narrative Of. Shiny Boots off Behind Closed Doors, They Get the Show they Want.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpdJUGn0FHE The issue is who gets to keep their skin on.

Liz Cheney Says She Was Wrong To Oppose Gay Marriage in the Past – So Leftists Should be Ready To Vote For Trump Over Her in 2024 To Keep the World Anchored in Reality Rather Than Farce and Covert Economic Oppression, K?

Former President George W. Bush to hold fundraiser next month for Liz Cheney - read the story on CNN Wed September 22, 2021 They Think They Iz Smart But I Know They Iz Dumb de