For All We Know Herschel Walker Has Personally Paid for Hundreds of Abortions for Women He’s Impregnated – If He Would Lie About One, He Would Lie About them All

Are the GOP Who say Abortion Should be Punished with the Death Penalty Calling on Herschel Walker to Drop Out of Senate Race and Possibly Turn Himself in to Face Charges for Involvement in This Abortion as Moral Leadership Move?

Herschel Walker Comes Out Late in GOP Campaign as Progressive Feminist Who Pays For His Girl’s Abortions To Help Keep Her Future on Track and Remain Independent Woman after Relations Result in Unplanned Pregnancy

Believing in God isn’t Going to Make Your Life Simple or Painless, You are Thinking of Watching Reality TV Religiously While Slowly Dying of Opiod Addiction. Not the Same Thing as Walking in Faith. 

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Matt Gaetz Gives Rising Speech Against Choice at TPUSAS in Tampa FLA Echoing Historic Trump Speech’s Beats “Any Women Who Says I Am Harassing Them Are Not Sexy Enough to Have Been The Target of My Harassment. So, Checkmate.” Right Wing women (few there were though at the student based event) in attendance screamed like 50's teens at the Beatles on Ed Sullivan and proudly chanted alongside their male chaperones that 'If He Rapes Me, That's Our Baby!'

Is the Slave Who Steals Fruit from The Field In The Wrong? Weighing the Moral Question of Hungry Families in Forced Birth Situations Eating the Unwanted Baby Once It Is Born For Sustenance

Will Belief in God Survive the Religious Right?

I believe in God (technically it doesn't count as faith because we have met several times, but anyway that's another post.) My work in fiction largely focuses on technology's collisions with spirituality, aiming to find a path for spirituality to survive the over-technology-saturated life we have and the scientism and reductionism that has our culture … Continue reading Will Belief in God Survive the Religious Right?

Trans-Dimensional Rift Opens Over Washington D.C. And Alternate Supreme Court Descends to Declare Need to ‘Protect Life’ of Women Our SCOTUS Harms – in ‘Woah!!’ vs ‘Way??’ Cataclysm Crossover Event

In related news, the risen Jesus Christ was seen streaking across the white house lawn screaming lines from Rebel Without a Cause with his 'Whose Disciples Are They Anyway' Intergalactic Improv Troupe. Be excellent to each other.

Pelosi Pushed Dems to Spend Millions for Anti-Abortion Dem Candidate Henry Cuellar To Beat Progressive Primary Challenger by 300 Votes -VERY Little Chance to Win in Crucial Texas

Texas Rep. Henry Cuellar is one Democrat who opposes abortion rights - Listen to the Latest on this from NPR (5 Minute Listen)

Some Philosophers Would Argue The World Is Already Perfect

In the face of rising nihilist violence, the tone and pitch of our private song is key. My own perfect sanity demands I maintain irrational exuberant joy and motions of immortal jouissance at the fringes of consensus reality facing off with a smile of hope daring the archons to bend. What is the will of … Continue reading Some Philosophers Would Argue The World Is Already Perfect