Fears of Mass Psychosis Among Russians As They Move In, Declare Kherson Part of Their Territory, Deliberately Destroy the City’s Water and Power Infrastructure, Then Leave


Political Shifts of Gen X’s Life Can Be Summed Up in Conservatives Telling Him as Kid ‘If You Don’t Like It, Go To Russia’ to Today’s “We Don’t Like This, So We’re Bringing Russia to You”

Guilty? Yeah. I'm sure he's guilty but... he knows it. I mean, you're guilty, and you don't know it. So... who's really in jail?

Please Vote In The Haunted TypeWriter’s Online Referendum Poll To Decide The Future of Russian Sovereign Territory

This poll's results are binding and we will nuke you if you violate the resulting enforcement of the outcome.

INN – The Intergalactic News Network is Reporting that All Life on Planet Earth Has Been Nuked Into Oblivion By Nation Saving Others From Nazis By Attacking Without Cause and Killing Families To Claim Their Land


Putin Mulls Nuking Local Steak And Shake after His Grub Hub Order Arrives Late


Brittney Griner Living Every American’s Dream of Personal Life Being Pawn in Power Struggle of Elites. Giving Hope to Youth Targeted by Culture Wars And the Parents Who Exploit them to Get Help from ‘Populists’ Who Do Nothing to Benefit Lives. The Greatest American Hero – WE STAN.


Trump Says Shooting Japanese Prime Minister ‘Genius, Savvy’ and Leads Crowd In ‘Hang Mike Pence’ Chant, Then Pisses Himself, and Falls Off the Stage

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1n8rfFRvIH0 Sri Lankan protesters entering their President's home and forcing new government makes Trump say 'a lot of people are saying Sri Lanka is a country, not many people know that.'

Mitch McConnell and Susan Collins During Visit to Ukraine Are Introduced to 15 year old girl Raped and Impregnated by Russian Soldier and Congratulate Her on Her Joyous Experience and Give Her a Hershey Kiss to Give To Little Ivan When She is Forced to Birth Him

Well, clap.

Rand Paul’s Blocking 40 Billion in Aid to Ukraine A Reminder of Similar Brave Moment Where He Stood Up for The Principal of Fiscal Responsibility Against Paying *Checks Notes* Medical Expenses of 9/11 First Responders