Kim Kardashian On SNL Offers a Plastic-Assed Drabble of Big Cock Worship Talk With Effortless Delivery… Robotic Frankly, Barely Worth Masturbating To. I Had To Rub Money on Myself to Void the Taste and Reinspire My Libidinal Interest In Capitalist Distractions.

She didn't show her asshole once the entire show. Not even when they killed that dude for not being typically-sexually-attractive enough. Awful.

R.I.P. Norm MacDonald – The World’s Most Awkwardly Hilarious Comedian, Who Had NO Fear of the Thud. Ya know?

I Dreamed I Was A Fireman

Does his laughter peel? Did a shot ring out? Did your heart give out? Were those the luscious sounds? Is that the smell of burning, petroleum-fuzed solid materials, industrious machine parts, TIRES SQUEALING OUT. I woke in a confused equation. Dreams of my father, epic chase and spy divisions, dying, pain, loss, ampitheater rock of … Continue reading I Dreamed I Was A Fireman