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I am St. Louis Cyberpunk Philosopher & Author CYPRESS BUTANE

I am a denizen of the mid-sized metropolis Saint Louis. When not under the threat of a killer virus, I usually spend my days cruising the bus lines, deep in thrall of the music and secret signals coming from the headphones set, for I am the headphone king.

I have a few pieces published around the web, have one novel finished that I am currently releasing in serial here on thehauntedtypewriter.com, and am working on my next novel. I also occasionally write poetry when I get confused.

I aim to make regular video blogs to upload to The Haunted Typewriter Youtube Channel, where I’ll discuss what I’m up to regarding recent writing, in particular to do with my fiction works-in-progress, also offering some discussions of Cyberpunk and Literary philosophy & current events.


I am currently writing articles for Cyberpunks.com and have several up so far.

Short Story ‘In Ring’ Included in the E-book Anthology, ‘Extinct Doesn’t Mean Forever’ from Editor Phoenix Sullivan – Available from Online Sellers or read it free here or at my Goodreads page.

Flash Fiction at SHORT, FAST, & DEADLY – ANGELS IN SPACE SUITS – published as Scott Thomas Smith in Nov/Dec 2012 Issue |WRAP UP|

‘After the failed suicide attempt: Seen / Unsought – Sight / Unseen’ published by Infective Ink in 2012 as Scott Thomas Smith – Not Currently Available –

‘The Political Re-Education of a Clean Cool Dude’ – a short story – published by now defunct Glasschord Magazine – read it free at the Haunted Typewriter HERE

Paper Bag Surgeon – a short story – originally published by Blank Slate Press – available free on my Goodreads Page

PopMatters.com Article
Fascism Is Not Fun: Katniss, Capitalism and Media Blindness – A Critique of The Hunger Games as Faux Revolution – published under the name Scott Thomas Smith

My first novel, about a punk band in high school and through graduation, is currently seeking representation, though I am releasing it on this blog in full. Titled ‘CONDITION OAKLAND: CONFESSIONS OF A NAÏVE PUNK WITH A HEART FULL OF ARSON, AND OH, HOW THE WORLD DOTH QUAKE & BURN’ it follows the band DOWN WITH STRANGERS and espouses a spirit of artist connection direct to audience, and what happens when you make art about movement, and change. It’s targeted at a young adult market, but is complex and speaks to a lot of complicated issues. Written right as I was getting out of high school myself, around 2004, it is high energy, and would need some revision for publication, but I feel has a lot to say.





First in a series in the works ‘THE KYBERNETES CYCLE’, initial novel ‘The Skein’ is about a visionary young programmer creating his own brain-computer-interface to link people into fully immersive Virtual Reality. The issue is whether precocious scientist – one Adolai Shungyosai- out to connect the human mind to computer counterparts and from there offer a vision to the restless masses… has any clue about matters of the heart?

the skein novel image of yarn skein

Follow along for updates and news on my forthcoming novel ‘THE SKEIN: Or, Birth of the Manticore’

More info on some published works available at my Goodreads.com author profile

Where you can follow me and get updates of new publications, and ask questions.

“I tell the truth but no one’s laughing.”

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