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I am St. Louis Cyberpunk Author


I am a denizen of the mid-sized metropolis Saint Louis. When not under the threat of a killer virus, I spend my days cruising the bus lines, deep in thrall of the music and secret signals coming from the headphones set, for I am the headphone king.

I have a few pieces published around the web, have one novel finished that I am currently shopping to publishers, and am working on my next novel. I also occasionally write poetry when I get confused.

I aim to make regular video blogs to upload to my youtube channel, where I’ll discuss what I’m up to regarding recent writing, in particular to do with my fiction works-in-progress.

My first novel, about a punk band in high school and through graduation, is currently seeking representation. Titled ‘DOWN WITH STRANGERS’ after the name of the band, it espouses a spirit of artist connection direct to audience, and what happens when you make art about movement, and change. It’s targeted at a young adult market, but is complex and speaks to a lot of complicated issues. Written right as I was getting out of high school myself, around 2004, it is high energy, and would need some revision for publication, but I feel has a lot to say.

I’m currently doing freelance work for Cyberpunks.com, with a recurring column coming title ‘Kicking Over the Show’. Check out my author page there for more info. I’m definitely stoked to be writing for them, it’s a great site, and I get to research a bunch of awesome crazy sh*t.
More info on some published works available at my Goodreads.com author profile

I tell the truth, but no one’s laughing.