POEMS TO RIM ANDREW TATE TO – By Cypress Butane – ‘Night Comes to River City’

It’s out there, you said,

Trump Calls For Termination of U.S. Constitution, Start of Dictatorship ‘TrumpLand West’ Where All Private Property Owned by Trump Businesses, Luxuriously Rented To Trumpland West Guests On Provisional Basis (No 2A Allowed, No Free Cable)

"Fuck Ameira, Fuck Your Rights, and Fuck You", the former President declared in a short presser before a violent mob of his supporters murdered all the press present that were not on his payroll. Official channels say it was a delightful affair and they believe Trumpland West will be the happiest place to live in freedom and hugeness!

Frisco Police Reveal Robots Authorized for Lethal Action, Which Was Much Sexier Than Anticipated. Only Needs to Charge Once in 24 Hours By Mechanically Having Outlet Drilled.

Hello. I have a killer robot startup that me and some entrepreneurs are building in our garage. We feel it is important to protect citizens from government overreach and corporate control - are you a patriot who believes in liberty? You should contribute to our fund!

Fears of Mass Psychosis Among Russians As They Move In, Declare Kherson Part of Their Territory, Deliberately Destroy the City’s Water and Power Infrastructure, Then Leave


Elon Musk Pays 44 Billion Dollars for Very Public A Display of His Fragile Male Ego. “Be Gentle, My Enormous Hypocrisy Cost me 44 Billion Dollars. Try Not To Break It On The First Day.”


Heading Into Midterms The Key Questions Remain: How Many Americans Know Enough History to See the GOP One Party Take Over of America Coming? ARE There Too Many Stupid Americans So We Have to Relive Some of Nazi Germany And Get Through It So People Realize Unaccountable Authoritarianism Is BAD. AND Will We Pull Out Or Will the Darkness Stay Forever and the Species Die?

Civilization is A Precarious Venture At Best, And Balance Is Its Foundation. If the Base Cedes The Floor to The Top of The Pyramid, RUN. The World Is About to Bowl Over. Save You and Yours and Preserve as Much of Civilization Within Your Boots as You Can.

Putin Urges Average Ukrainian’s To Accept His Takeover Of Ukraine Before A Dirty Bomb Incident In Proposed ‘Stop Hitting Yourself — Why Are You Hitting Yourself – “Peace” Accords’


Please Vote In The Haunted TypeWriter’s Online Referendum Poll To Decide The Future of Russian Sovereign Territory

This poll's results are binding and we will nuke you if you violate the resulting enforcement of the outcome.

INN – The Intergalactic News Network is Reporting that All Life on Planet Earth Has Been Nuked Into Oblivion By Nation Saving Others From Nazis By Attacking Without Cause and Killing Families To Claim Their Land