Court Ruling May REQUIRE Student Athletes to Prove Menstruation In Florida #ThereWillBeBlood inclusion makes people make affordances to other individuals... authoritarianism to promote exclusion make everyone defer to the whims of the elite (which is excluded from the same laws)... make your choice meant to drive women out of athletics? and if men don't support their protests, it will drive women out of heterosexuality, i imagine … Continue reading Court Ruling May REQUIRE Student Athletes to Prove Menstruation In Florida #ThereWillBeBlood

After Rebuke of GOP Candidates Running On Overturning the 2020 Election, Party Vows to Regroup and Weighs Making 2024 Race About Vindicating Republican James G. Blaine Who Lost to President Grover Cleveland in 1884, Which GOP Says Had ‘Significant Uninvestigated Fraud’ That Americans Are Sure to Latch Onto

"Stop The Cleve! Make Grover Leave!" Chanted rallygoers at the latest GOP rally in Florida following the midterm results.

GOP House Leadership Fight is On, But All Agree The Most Pressing Policy Is Implementing ‘Participation Trophies’ in All Elections So Every Candidate Feels Special

GOP Announces GENIUS Plan to Recover From Midterm Losses: A New $8 Dollar a Month Fee to Remain a GOP Voter and End the Lords and Peasant System That Cost Them Votes.

The Midterms Results Have Two Resounding Messages: ‘Good Night and Good Luck’ and ‘At Long Last Senator, Have You No Sense of Decency?’

Anyone who is not 100% on board with the party line is labeled THE ENEMY. It's not about ruling a society fairly, it's about creating an elitist yes-man politburo that serves the interests of those the inquisition props up as the high priest tribunal. This is where Trumpism has fallen today.

Trump to Announce Presidential Bid Soon, Plans to Run on 2020 Election Being Stolen, Now With Even More Momentum Being Able to Talk About All His Great 2022 Candidates Elections Also Being Stolen. “TREMENDOUS!”

GOP’s Plan To Cater to ‘Involuntarily Celibate’ Men By Creating ‘Involuntarily Reproductive’ Women Market For Them Is Key to Restoring the Traditional Roles of Two and Only Two Genders Says Man Who Believes In Family Values And Upgrading To Younger Wife Every Few Years And Possibly Fucks His Own Kids

"Eventually for every man struggling to find a mate, there will be a 13 year old girl forced to raise her rapist baby becoming a socially BEAUTIFUL role for a Woman," said Trump at local rally, before he yanked Princess Leia's chain and slurped his Jabba the Hutt tongue all over her, pissed himself, then fell off the stage.

Ron DeSantis Facing Some Backlash After Several Dozen Human Corpses of Mysterious Origin Found Hanging From Meat Hooks in a Storage Basement of Governor’s Mansion

"To be fair," explained a spokesperson at a press event, "those people were purchased legally and we were not just hanging them there for some kind of funny prank. We were in fact planning to eat them. So.."

Are WOKE Libtards Trying To Teach YOUR Kids that Hitler was Bad? If This Angers You – Ron DeSantis May Have Use For You Rounding Up Outsider Types to Put them On Mystery Buses to Undisclosed Dumping Sites. Only You Can Protect Your Kids! And Keep THEM Safe From the Growing ‘Undesirable’ List! Call Governor Desantis Today!

Think to yourself "Never AGain?" or "It Can't Happen Here" - Ron DeSantis is a man looking forward with a can do attitude. Come to one of his rallies and bring some books for the bonfire.

Florida Judge Blocks Ron DeSantis’s ‘STOP WOKE ACT’ Which I Believe Is About Death Squads Smothering Anyone Who Knows How to Read While They are Asleep In Their Homes