Tucker Carlson to Release January Sixth Documentary to Show Kids in Schools To Instruct About the Fun of Overthrowing Authority You Feel is Unjust

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Former Trump Supporter Who Doesn’t Want Trump to Run Listening to Trump Say That They Aren’t Real And Are In Fact Fake News: “OOOOHHHHHH, There It is.” Achieves Instantaneously Enlightenment.


Trump to Announce Presidential Bid Soon, Plans to Run on 2020 Election Being Stolen, Now With Even More Momentum Being Able to Talk About All His Great 2022 Candidates Elections Also Being Stolen. “TREMENDOUS!”


American Pro-Gun Survivalist Centrists, Leftists, and Conservative Fuck-Trump Patriots Watching American Democracy Closely In Midterms, Preparing Necessary Anti-Fascist ‘Pikey Reaction’ If Right Wing Attempts Violent Nationwide Insurrection


Political Shifts of Gen X’s Life Can Be Summed Up in Conservatives Telling Him as Kid ‘If You Don’t Like It, Go To Russia’ to Today’s “We Don’t Like This, So We’re Bringing Russia to You”

Guilty? Yeah. I'm sure he's guilty but... he knows it. I mean, you're guilty, and you don't know it. So... who's really in jail?

Heading Into Midterms The Key Questions Remain: How Many Americans Know Enough History to See the GOP One Party Take Over of America Coming? ARE There Too Many Stupid Americans So We Have to Relive Some of Nazi Germany And Get Through It So People Realize Unaccountable Authoritarianism Is BAD. AND Will We Pull Out Or Will the Darkness Stay Forever and the Species Die?

Civilization is A Precarious Venture At Best, And Balance Is Its Foundation. If the Base Cedes The Floor to The Top of The Pyramid, RUN. The World Is About to Bowl Over. Save You and Yours and Preserve as Much of Civilization Within Your Boots as You Can.

Concentration-camp historian Andrea Pitzer says two key elements are Keeping Trump From Destroying American Democracy Yet

"I think it's not impossible for the army & courts to surrender eventually, but he's not there yet. And neither is any other Trump rival. I offer this not to reassure but instead to say there's still room to work. More than 50% of surveyed voters view him somewhat/very unfavorably."

People Questioning Lizzo’s Talented Flute Playing And Bouncy Smiling Twerking With Historical American Flute After It is Revealed She Owns Several Human Beings as Property

Apparently there is controversy over popular American musician Lizzo playing former President James Madison's flute, as I understand it, after people pointed out that Lizzo is also a notorious slave owner, if I understand the controversy correctly. Many have questioned whether we should even venerate someone publicly if they have several people chained up on … Continue reading People Questioning Lizzo’s Talented Flute Playing And Bouncy Smiling Twerking With Historical American Flute After It is Revealed She Owns Several Human Beings as Property

Why Americans Should be Judiciously Weighing Each Individual GOP Vote Like the One Of Senators Moving to Block Election Reforms To Prevent Another Jan. 6th – to Decide Reaction As Citizens Under Martial Threat From A Party Trying to End This Nation

https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2022/09/liz-cheney-democrats-to-vote-on-electoral-count-act-reform https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPUMQQlNJv0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09nAmUpw-Sg

As An Independent-Democrat Leaning American Voter, I Have to Have Faith that The GOP is Making A Wise Decision Continuing to Back Trump and that If He Wins a 2nd, (3rd?) Term They Will Only Have to Kill Off A Limited Number of Americans Who Have Trouble Getting On Board With Whatever They Replace America With