Brian Kemp Mandates his State CANNOT have Mask-Mandatory Laws Because He Does Not Know What Government is For – See His Ad On Wanting Gun Rights to Enforce Tyranny Over Who His Daughter Dates

GOVERNMENT SHALL MAKE NO LAW INFRINGING ON A FATHER’S RIGHT TO BE A BASTARD. There is a difference between ‘freedom from what’ and ‘freedom for what’. Freedom from what in this instance is the threat of disease and death. NOT Freedom from the inconvenience of wearing a piece of cloth over your face because you are a crazy person who doesn’t believe in science or you subconsciously wants to die, because literally your whole platform revolves around not being able to cope with the real world anymore. Freedom For What: Not wearing a mask so that you can express your cultural opinion and allegiance to a cult of death and fascism whose greatest move at this point is proudly proclaiming the right to be unsafe because everything inconvenient to your narrative remains ‘fake news’, or Freedom For What: To live, for the guaranteed rights of LIFE, LIBERTY, AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. But Daddy got a mean drunk on and he mad his daughter is out marching for black dudes or some bullshit. Fuck you Kemp and the nonsense death culture you rode in on. I say to all you sane folks, walking through the grocery aisles, Spit in the face of everyone who refuses to wear a mask, or wait, no. You know what I mean. IF THERE IS A TOUGH DECISION TO BE MADE IN A COMMUNAL SENSE THAT RELIES ON SMALL SACRIFICES OF INDIVIDUALS TO PROTECT THE GROUP, WELL OBVIOUSLY THAT CAN NEVER STAND. THAT IS TYRANNY. WE MUST ALL DIE. THIS IS THE WAY. Y’all ain’t gonna murder me this easy. I’m fukkin crazier than you. Bring it, bug-man.

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