Credit Where Credit Is Due, Today is The Day Joe Biden ‘Officially’ Became President

Despite some arguable misteps on the campaign trail, and a style that many say is just not presidential, today it happened, Biden gave a speech that rose to the occasion, and we will admit our grudging acceptance: Today, January 20th 2021, is the Day Joe Biden Officially Became President.

Despite the slight social faux pas of mocking the handicapped and suggesting women are disrespectful because they require use of a bathroom occasionally, his campaign led squarely to his election by the discerning American people, so, we give… you just have to hand it to him. Congratulations! On this occasion, Joe Biden really officially became President.

He may have had that candid video where he bragged about his ability to sexually assault women, but today he gave a reasonable speech, so, it’s official. Etc. ETc.

But, anyway, it’s not about who a person is, or what they do or say, or what lies they try to convince people are worth believing in over reality. He sure cleans up nice, and normalcy is happy hour for drunken indiscretion, no matter what you want to dress it up as. Do not slut shame me. I am a journalist. The fact is, this media outlet has decided it’s time to stop the division and give Joe Biden a fair shot.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have some recreational activities to attend to. I have an appointment to take a limo to a discrete alley where I will kill a hobo with a hammer. See you tomorrow bright and early, America! STAY CLASSY!

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