Rep. Chip Roy Says There Would Have Been No Debate About Trump’s Racist Rhetoric on Covid if Scientists Had Been Allowed to Be Sensible and Lynch Everyone Who Had The Disease

Or.. something like that. I think the issue with GOP is that their basic programming is to respect authority, and Trump, as an authority, is utterly dispicable. Wanting to ‘do the right thing’ and also ‘get tough and just kill all the bad guys’ is really a fascinating conversation you’re having there, in the space of a single sentence struggling to make some salient point. The space between, that large, void space of ‘what is the right thing to do?’ is where the rest of us non-crazy people try to.. do some living? So I guess Trumpers and these authority worshippers are likely having many Mommy-Daddy issues, if there is anything in them that actually wants to do the right thing. Trump being elected was a real Freudian-transcendent moment in our nation’s history. Like the first time you ever not just realize you can kick your Dad’s ass, but realize you are right to do so because you have to high ground, Anakin. You get it? But this dude went off on some weird shit, check the actual article:

A GOP House Member Fondly Remembers Lynching During Anti-Asian Violence Hearing

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