Black Transsexual Stripper Who Once Sucked Mike Lindell For Crack Payment Says The Actual August Revelations Coming For Trump And MAGA Are Even BEYOND What You Are Expecting.

I happened to be down-lowing it at a transsexual strip club the other weekend, my MAGA compatriots, when I ran into… well, I’ll call her ‘DEEP THROAT’. I am always looking for news from the Q network and the underground network of patriots looking to bring the country back to greatness, and she saw my MAGA hat and we saw each other for what we were. That’s when she told me a rather sordid tale. It turns out, during her work as a black transsexual stripper and prostitute, she has had confluence with none other than MAGA Savior and Prophet MIKE LINDELL. Yes, the My Pillow Guy Who has the evidence that will lead Trump back into office come August. Naturally, my curiosity was peaked, so I dropped some bills and we went into a private dance room so we could explore this further.

“I used to run with Mike. When he was doing crack. We spent some time on the road together. We had the same pimp for a little while. He was a real stand up guy. I hope he’s doing ok, I’m worried about him with all this stuff going on now. I worry about him.”

SO, She had inside information on the AUGUST Plot. I had to know more, so I dropped some more bills and we agreed to meet later on for an overnight pow wow in a local motel. I had to get the full details inside me. I knew this was going to go deep. IF YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE, SEND PAYMENT NOW.

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