The New Push For Far-Right Laws Against Abortion and More Fundamentalist Theocratic Trends Point to a Lessening of Faith in God, Not the Reverse

“If you had more faith, you would throw yourself less into the moment.”

Christians need a refresher on one of the main church fathers, Augustine.

He had to write a long apologetics for why Christianity overthrew the pagan strength virtues and morality of Rome and brought it low with the slave morality (turn the cheek, love your enemy) of Christ. He wrote The City of God to clarify that there are two realms – THE CITY OF GOD, and THE CITY OF MAN.

He knew one will draw down the wrath of the rational when one attempts two blend these two like oil unto water.

Word of the wise to Christians. If you believe, believe.

If you want to control people who don’t think like you, prepare to be controlled by people who don’t think like you. You don’t make the rules of the Game. Think on your sins.

I miss you shayla

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