If We Can’t Tax the Rich Because the Rich Control Our Government, Is It Clearly Time to Eat the Rich?

I just watched Jean Renoir’s ‘La Marseilles’ a movie about the inner workings of the beginnings of the French Revolution. I recommend it heartily. People in the 21st Century want to believe history is over. And this is to our detriment. Our politicians feel untouchable. Our culture is ‘bloodless’ but hyperreal. We should all recognize that if we don’t fight for civility and justice, we’ll lose to those who play the game by pushing stacks of money. If the game is rigged, and all reasonable options fail, violence will always be an option of desperate and disenfranchised peoples. This is reality.

Handcuffs and Shackles won’t frighten us.

Neither cattle prod nor electrical whip shall silence us.

We shall use all peaceful means to overcome tyranny.

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