What We Know About Darth Maul, New GOP Key Player As They Remind Us the Supreme Court Answers to No One And the Subpoenas around Jan. 6th of Key Figures are ‘A Joke’

‘There’ll be no one to stop us this time’ says Ron DeSantis in a press conference, confident after leaving a Florida School where he forced a little girl Leia out of the classroom because her parents had special powers of being queer and in love. ‘The force was strong with them, but my don’t say gay censorship law showed them who the new authority is in this sector’.

‘Don’t be too proud of the technicality monstrosity you’ve concocted’ said Mitch McConnell via a zoom call under a deep hood with his wrinkly face clinging to life purely via the power of the dark side. ‘You put too much faith in your friends the bigots and scum and villains. Instead we must rely on the supreme court, who answers to no one. I have just reminded everyone that they answer to no one, no matter how their view might differ from the majority, they are the ultimate power in the galaxy.”

Darth Maul has a double sided red lightsaber, and he looks exactly like the devil. So you know he is a complex character. His efforts toward dominating the future of the universe relying on children becoming evil. It’s not exactly a bad plan and what are the odds we have the collective midichlorians to stop them?

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