Ron DeSantis Says He Will Only Allow Biology Text Books That Correspond to GOP Family Values – That Children Raised In Families Whose Parents Have No Interest In Raising, Caring For them and Frankly Never Wanted Them, Is Best Foundation for A Child’s Future

DeSantis gave another showstopping press conference about his efforts to combat bad government or whatever declaring he will only be allowing Florida schools to have biology text books that champion the benefits of forced birtherism. “Throw those other text books that talk about the benefits of citizens having free choice and that nasty bodily autonomy in the dumpster!” he told the crowd as they droolingly tossed books into the trash. Unfortunately the mic was still hot when he said something under his breath about “and if most of the forced birth babies end up in the dumpster, at least my political career will be forwarded by these fucking dipshits. Hail hydra.”

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