The Theocratic Council of 7 (ALL HAIL THE SUPREME COURT!) Decrees That ‘GodMerikka Does Not Make Mistakes!’ Slaughters Lamb on Bench Issuing New Ruling Outlawing Appeals for Convicted Criminals Who Have New Evidence of Their Innocence

This isn’t going to affect rich and poor equally. Public defenders have been seen sleeping through their clients trials and the judges declare they were represented competently. That isn’t going to happen to someone paying a lawyer. This court needs to be stopped.

People who want a just society vs a court with the power to plug their fingers in the hole of the death machine covering injustice committed by power. May the best authority win.

A theocratic dictatorship that makes mistakes about who is guilty and who is innocent is not much of a theocratic dictatorship. Thank you for closing another window while we board the doors against the MAGA zombies. God is exiting the building.

It is a very dangerous situation in America as the highest court is ruling in extremely unbalanced ways, in place by a former President who supports going to war with America (though he doesn’t like the court for passing on overturning the 2020 election to fulfill their real trojan horse purpose)… Government and society is based on balance… the GOP has put all their political capital at the expense of our institutions into gaining this court. It comes with the loss of faith in our government that Mitch and the GOP caused to get them there. Fight with principle. Fight for the constitution. Fight for justice.

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