Reading Jordan Peterson as a Strung-Out (As We All Are Now) Postmodernist Marshall McLuhan

Conservative types in the multimedia cineplex, stolid (uptight) too-straight men trying to play the crowd in the latter days of televised apocalypse. I recently returned to the paper I had published on Marshall McLuhan on and reflected on Jordan Peterson’s most recent public breakdowns harassing trans movie stars and banishment from twitter and his new platforming by the far right Daily Wire oligarchy-buzz-factory. Getting targeted ads in my gmail saying ‘come hear the greatest mind of western civilization – the daily wire pairs with JORDAN PETERSON.’ How shallow the intellectual culture is compared to just ’20 minutes into the past’ (to put the spin on the old tagline from the cyberpunk tv show ‘Max Headroom’ that taglined joked the futuristic show ’20 minutes into the future’.

Marshall Mcluhan: The Prophet, The Ghost and The Machine

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