Love Him Or Despise Him, Jordan Peterson (Now Partnered With The Daily Wire) Is Certainly A Clean and Articulate White Male ๐Ÿ˜

Jordan Peterson: Iโ€™d Rather Die Than Delete Truthful Tweet For Cancel Creeps

People have called me somehow racist or backhanded when my only response to Jordan Peterson’s new schtick is he is ‘clean looking’… ‘well spoken for someone like that’… ‘not like the usual thugs of his bent’.

I don’t agree with his narrative and think he is pushing hate but the idea that he is a representative for the entire white race is absurd and I’m not saying white people as a whole aren’t intelligent… or well-read… or possessing consistent philosophies.

Even if I don’t like his type, he can put sentences together. Certainly. And his pants aren’t around his ankles. I won’t deny white people their attempts to better themselves. They should choose good representatives for those they want to be their ‘speakers’ for the group however.

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