How the GOP’s ‘War On Woke Capitalism’ Is Anti-Populism And Pro-Government / Elite Authoritarian

Bill Going Through Senate that Restricts Business and Investors from Even Considering the Future i.e. Climate, Or the Social Engagements of the Company and How People (Meaning, Any People Who Give That Company Money OTHER than Big Interest / Government Investors?) May Respond To Them

this bill restricts businesses and investors from considering the impacts of climate as well as the company as a public entity – that is simply irrational and makes for bad investment. So people will be forced to invest in a company Adidas even though they had perhaps stayed with Kanye the NeoNazi – this bill is patently against free market capitalism for what purpose? to try to help the government push back against people who might take issue with a company that supports Nazism so the government props up businesses people want nothing to do with – in support of Nazism? what is the rationality behind this bill!?

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