The Right Is Dead! Long Live the Right! (CLEAN YOUR ROOM, ANARCHIST KING!)

Good morning, Anti-Fa child. Wanna Go For a Ride?

It’s a brand new day. So why are you still in your bed, the kitchen sink stacked with dirty dishes?

Didn’t you want to do some good reading today? The world is yours, what’s stopping you!? UP AT aTOM!

Emptiness is loneliness
And loneliness is cleanliness
And cleanliness is godliness and
God is Empty, Just Like Me

Today’s a good day to live up to your reputation. Weezer, a band that you loved in high school but then came to represent the drag-out of infinity into the everyday, diluting that sense of lightning-flash experience of youth into commerical appeal skullduggery, is BACK with a new album. And the first single is all about PUTTING AWAY YOUR PHONE. As usual, the triteness is right on the money I feel. There’s a reason cliche shit is cliche. Cause it’s fucking true. You gonna spend all day in bed moping about how it’s your turn but you don’t want it?!?

FINE. I’m gonna put on a pot of coffee. In anyone needs me I’ll be in my room. Where I’ve been since March.

I love you, my black clad kiddies. If you’re going out, take a coat. It’s cold as a disgraced motherfucker. Get that materialism got your back. You’ll thank me. ❤️ Yo Mamma. PLAY SAFE.

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