U.S. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene Says Newly Surfaced Video Clips of Godzilla fighting King Kong Point to Secret Pantheon of Monsters Who Control The Earth

Expressing alarm and consternation to her colleges in the United States government, Marjorie Taylor pointed to a video that she had seen on youtube. It apparently depicted a supermonster by the name of Godzilla in a protracted battle with another ancient God she said was referred to as ‘King Kong’.

Greene is determined to expose the truth of Godzilla threats against America.

“These videos are all over the internet”, she explained. “This is rampant and to ignore the issue makes you complicit, basically makes you a supporter of invaders from Monster Island and their trampling on our rights and Tokyo and such. “

Here is the most recent clip she said just popped up on her youtube feed, which she played in front the of assembled House.

She said apparently this follows on the cover up of a ‘super-battle’ between monsters all over the earth.

She vowed to honor those who have been forgotten and overlooked, such as those roasted in the radioactive flame breath of a three-headed dragon she referred to as ‘King Ghidorah’. “You cannot sweep this under the rug. We will not be trampled underfoot like so many extras spouting badly dubbed dialogue while you knock over the buildings we live in every day.”

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