Increasingly, Citizens Who Are Tired of Being Manipulated by Media and Our Institutions are Burning Out and Finding Less Joy In Adhering to the Sources of Truth they Do Enjoy – Is it Time For A Universal Pill to Mitigate Paranoia and Allow People to Enjoy Themselves With Less Thought?

Anxiety, Lack of Calm, Fatigue, Burn out. These are on the rise everywhere. How can we just get back to normal! With all the controversy and lies and manipulation from the elites and authorities! Who can save us?

What if there was a pill to make things just feel okay? That cut down the mind’s natural worrying and always needing to find the answers? To just enjoy whatever is put in front of you?

Scientists (partnered with a certain charismatic Billionaire Genius and other public intellectuals with a history of providing brain-boosting supplements for the public) have been testing a new drug which has an amazing calming affect in studies, and allows people to just relax and enjoy themselves. Not to go into the science, but it chemically mimics the feeling of being a healthy and secure and loved human being, (with few very worrisome side effects).

Do you have an interest in participating in our clinical studies, which are already under way in your area?

One thing is for sure. We all need a break. When the world gets rougher and decent people just want to relax, now there is a pill for that! Take a load off. And chill.

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