Economic Experts Say Current Trends Point to Philosophy of Foundational Socratic Suicidal Duty to State Waning amid Rise of Nietzschean Influence

Nietzsche is on the minds of many top economic experts these days.

As most business school graduates learn in foundational courses, Socratic wisdom is foundational (via Plato) to Western government and economics – which questions all and points truth and progress ever outward toward the ideal. But in the end Socrates is historically persecuted by his own government for raising the questions and is sent to his death, which, ultimate irony of timeless principle, he willingly accepts as his ‘duty’ to the state. The punctuation on his ‘endless questioning’ – .

But Nietzsche is the other core taught in business school as the diviner of trends to come in these days and the days ahead- of questioning all, the dissemblance of valued, foundational, even divine truths – and a crisis of proportions no Richter scale or stock numbers can dare calculate. Which leads us to the mountains and depths of insanity and personal questing that has us screaming at a McDonalds Drive thru window at 4am asking for an answer from God met by pubescent squawking, alienation, despair, cheeseburgers.

Economists realize many of the labor force are now gleaning this in their own bucolic senses, that these supply and demand issues of meaning and providing meaning are facing all Americans, and many are in existential crisis and very few – if any – will walk the Ubermensch tightrope or fight through the fry cooker grease pit towards some enlightened path towards dignity, self-assured strength, – an, hahaha laugh the economists, living wage or prosperous future for the working class. “But it does explain the economy.”

“The duty to kill yourself for the state is ending,” says Warren Buffet (pronounced like Chinese Buffet, all you can eat.) “These people are re-evaluating all values and finding the eternal recurrence seeping into their guise of acculturated indoctrination so that the divine and the mundane intermingle – and they are asking themselves – how do they get fries with that? from an absent God in the marketplace of ideas.”

“Nietzsche was very spirited and wrote grandly about the triumph of man – while constantly being ill and living largely as a shut in. Which is why union efforts are going well but thankfully the rioting hasn’t become too unmanageable,” says latest Harvard Business Cool Newsletter.

“What are the odds the working class can attune their despair, angst, and profound human spirits to the philosophy and learning to lift them from the gulf into the elite levels of those who see themselves as born into the role of shepherd-wolf? What can make a slave into a god?”

“No really, I’m asking,” says Tucker Carlson, in private with a black prostitute being forced to suck his cock for coke money. “Because I fucking pray no one ever feels like that in this country in the future I aim to create. Holy shit, I’m gonna nut on your beautiful face.”

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