ROSE & TIME: A Neat Video Game From Indie Buskers Game Jame Based On An Idea I Submitted – Travel Through Time While Avoiding Paradoxes

I submitted the idea for a game where a character must use stealth tactics to avoid encountering past and future versions of themself traveling through time. This was years ago but I looked it up again today. Unfortunately it only has my old net-handle attached ‘The Neon Heart’. Oh well. I am glad to have had my idea made into something and it’s a cool game developed by Sophie Houlden.

(I am glad that recently I have been keeping better track of my projects and trying not to let too many loose ends fly out in my wake! Disappointed to have not kept better track of some things over the years, but recently I am seeing things through much better! Best I can tell this game was made by Indie Buskers around 2012?)

Here’s the site: where you can also purchase the game.

It has an interesting soundtrack as well, with music by Kevin MacLeod.

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