“You’re either with us, or You’re with the terrorists.” – A U.S. President said it, so you know it matters.


Trump Blames Schools for Statue Protesters, Says Children Taught to ‘Hate Their Own Country’



Hang on a second, is Trump trying to link loyalty to the country to loyalty to him personally? Didn’t Teddy Roosevelt famously say “Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the President.” Why would Trump try to make out that people who don’t like him personally are anti-American. Seems like kind of a dictator move. Also, he’s just not a very good president and it seems like he’s trying to boost his numbers by borrowing some of America’s street cred by morgaging the plot of the dream we tell ourselves is this country, of being a land of opportunity and promise for all. And seeing as how he is a shitty racist and corrupt used car salesmen level leader, that can only hurt the discussion going on right now about America’s responsibility to be a land of justice for all.

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